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1200 HP Del Sol
wasn't to sure where to put this, thought it was pretty cool.

[Image: 3770813521463-Del-Sohn-Racing-Pro-4.jpg]

[Image: 3741780593559-Del-Sohn-Racing-Pro-4.jpg]

[Image: 1070777654516-Del-Sohn-Racing-Pro-4.jpg]

1994 Del Sol

ERL Performance built GSR short block 2.0l with 5 journal ERL Girdle
Darton Sleeves
Manley Turbo Rods
JE Pistons with coatings
Carbon coated bearings
M2 Ported Cylinder Head
Cometic MLS Head Gasket
Ferrea complete Valvetrain
Ferrea Roller Rockers
Crane custom designed cams
Edlebrock adjustable cam gears
Type R valve cover with custom vents for Z10 motorsports evacuation system
Edlebrock Victor X custom Intake Manifold
90mm accu Fab polished race Throttle Body
Custom water/air Intercooler with 4" piping from turbo to throttle body
Edlebrock fuel rails
Eight 1000cc Fuel Injectors
Weldon Fuel Pump
Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
Full Race custom exhaust Manifold
Inovative T74mm ball bearing turbo
4" exhaust piping
Tial wastegate
Twin Tial Blow off Valves
Accel gen 7 DFI Engine Management
MSD Ignition
MSD Cap and Rotor
Odyssey PC1200 Battery
Custom Griffin aluminum mini radiator
NGK spark plug wires
NGK spark plugs
NGK wide band 02 monitor
Custom Moroso Oil Pan
Z10 wet sump modular oil pump system
Carbon/Kevlar engine Diaper
Toda Timming belt
Custom side mount timing belt tensioner
NOS direct port system (not in use but plumbed and ready to install)
Custom Fuel Cell

G-Force gear set with handcuff
Quaife differential
Golden Eagle scatter shield
Tilton carbon/carbon clutch and flywheel
Tilton Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
G-force/Long H-pattern shifter with pistol grip handle with top button activation.
Drive shaft Shop Axles and Hubs

Franks Custom Chassis parts including,
Front Traction bar system with angle control,fully adjustable
Funny Car Cage and backhalfed with straight axle
Wheelie bars w/wheelie bar net and wheeleze wheels
Strange rear spindle mounts
Strange rear Brakes
QA1 Rear coilover adjustable rear shocks
Skunk 2 adjustable front control arms
Skunk 2 Front drag coilover springs
AGX adjustable front shocks
Bogart Billet star Front wheels
Weld spindle mount rear skinny stars
Mickey Thompson 28x10x15 front slicks
Goodyear rear skinnies

Franks Custom Fiberglass:
Carbon fiber front end
Carbon fiber doors
Carbon fiber trunk
Carbon fiber adjustable rear wing
Percy's Lexan windows
Simpson Parachute

Sparco steering wheel with two step/antilag control button
Quick release for steering wheel
Simpson camlock belts
Autometer tach w/shift light
Autometer gauges Boost,temp,volts,NOS pressure
Moroso switch panel
Hydraulic Handbrake and line lock
"Coldfire" Fire supression system
4 inch piping is bigger then my exhaust haha
and those oil lines are about the size of my exhaust
[Image: tunnelturbo.jpg]
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Pretty much your typical hot rod class car. Still baller as hell though. I'd love to build a hot rod car. Can we say MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!!
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That's incredible, I wonder what she runs...
[Image: lugsig.jpg]
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wow, that is a beast, that guy definitely spent some money
there.. fixed the links for you... that's frikin SWEET!
[Image: 8270515370_73a493ecf6_o.jpg]

(02-04-2011, 11:47 AM)MATTCH Wrote:  Wow, putting other peoples fitment issues to shame one pic at a time. Nice.
how about we build our own'll be the ej8squad hotrod....sponsored by...ej8squads the only thing is who is crazy enough to drive it down a quartermile in 6 secs? haha
[Image: 2nbvih3.jpg]
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Vids or ban! Big Grin
[Image: 7576999932_bba1985476_o.jpg]
96whiteknight Wrote:Vids or ban! Big Grin

haha sorry man-this guy is actually selling it on a local site. im from dayton,OH, it was just in a for sale thread on this a site
thats pretty cool how a 4 banger can handle all that power
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