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Hey guys new here
Hey everyone, names Roger. I've been out of the civic game for about 2 years (1990 EF Sedan). Finally decided to come back.

Picked up my latest[Image: 6eea380852cc07b1bf46bdc57f3ee1a7.jpg] about three weeks ago for $800. She's a 1997 Canadian Civic Sedan 5speed.

Since picking her up I've done a head gasket, fixed the wiring problems(sensors unpinned mostly) and put LEDs and Lexan lenses on the fog lights. And here is how she sits today [Image: ed39f6068aaf4d258a399f3122dff54e.png]

Can't wait to browse the forums and talk to other civic owners let me know what you think.


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Welcome aboard! $800 is a pretty good deal. Looking forward to more updates.
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Welcome to the forum.
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