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Hello again! Im Back!
How's everyone doing!  For those who don't remember me I used to be active on this site but unfortunately life got in the way.  I graduated from high school and I am now in college so that has taken up most of my time.  I was looking through old pics and I saw an ej8 squad folder and my heart melted so I decided to check up on the site.  After a password reset I'm back.  I remember kallar and Gimmenzel (probably mispelled both.)  When I had my ej8 I was stupid, I was a teenager and I focused more on cosmetic parts instead of maintenance.  My timing belt ended up snapping and I decided to sell the shell.  
My old ej8
[Image: 10387676_650415268378412_293244757521461...e=59E620BD]

I found a black coupe which was an ej7 for a good price and decided to buy it and transfer my parts.  It's a built motor and it was boosted before it was sold to me.  It has been extremely reliable and burns very minimal oil.  I did end up falling in love with the stance scene rather than the performance/functional route.  I know I will get criticism for the route I chose but I love it!

[Image: 10457824_653470348072904_415451924259806...e=599E8AE6]
The day after I wasted no time with getting right to this.  I swapped my coils, wheels, power steering, and AC in the car also with a new battery.  
[Image: 10390229_656374647782474_281586041408766...e=599C65C6]

My high school let me drive to school haha so I got new wheels.
[Image: 532907_715615645191707_15301547707647529...e=59B0731A]

New shocks for the stance life!
[Image: 10378164_741291425957462_818265331094370...e=59E65943]

Time for smaller tires
[Image: 10301438_741376705948934_356521603179577...e=59DE5F2A]

Compressor went bad and I live in Florida.  Wasted no time getting another one.
[Image: 11067774_791252444294693_422298884747384...e=59A08BB3]

Never drive without an alignment.  Lasted me only 8 months on -8 camber.[Image: 11145088_852958014790802_696571744479520...e=59B1CC96]

The ratchet look!
[Image: 11222166_884172895002647_437708450347869...e=59B20E9B]

Had to black out the coupe
[Image: 11062013_896934793726457_133220651146746...e=59ABB973]

White wheels!
[Image: 12313759_909270462492890_256981247061166...e=59B18A4F]

New wheels
[Image: 13439151_1031343920285543_43045256449040...e=599CBCF6]

$300 paint job I really couldn't complain
[Image: 14657497_1108753992544535_49273865966734...e=59AF0E2F]

New headlights!
[Image: 17361966_1268285669924699_46958569006646...e=59EA305A]

Finally got camber kits and shortened them. And new wheels!  They are 15x9 -25 (with spacer)
[Image: 17796321_1281354658617800_36151399740347...e=59AEA9D5]
[Image: 17523699_1281354665284466_33240270739156...e=59AA2F7F]

And finally, here's the finished product
[Image: 18057757_1303656226387643_43407529577657...e=59DC97FF]
[Image: 18739880_1331753923577873_22631592222194...e=59E5769C]
[Image: 17629948_1277711675648765_14694594914025...e=59E70C7D]

How it started to how it is now
[Image: 17626207_1289500987803167_51363410662463...e=59A21245]

Future plans for this car:
I am planning to get real wheels for it and better suspension.  Also I'm planning on re doing the paint with proper base coat clear coat instead of single stage.  I will keep you guys updated.  The engine will stay as it is and will just get its regular oil changes as well as other maintenance stuff.  Looking forward to checking in on the daily!

Green EJ8 "Holly": Retired 5/23/14
Black Ej7 "Gabby"

Instagram: Ej7_Bryan
Welcome back! Nice choice in colour. I've always been a fan of purple cars for some reason. Big Grin
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
-Jon // Facebook // PSN: HelloPekkle  // Instagram // 1998 Civic EX #373 * * * *
Haha thanks man! And yeah I've always loved the Plum Crazy purple so I had to do it.
Green EJ8 "Holly": Retired 5/23/14
Black Ej7 "Gabby"

Instagram: Ej7_Bryan

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