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98 lx 5sp swapping in an y8 obd2b auto engine but making it manual
Ok I have a 99 auto civic ex as a donor car I want to put that engine in my 98 manual lx civic what is the easiest route to do this I'm an ef guy usually but I used to be on here a long time ago I've been looking on the net but just confusing myself. Alright so i have a p2p a12 ecu which I believe is an obd2b y8 ecu my car is 96-98 obd2a but figured I can just get a jumper harness for that and dizzy to make it obd2b everything. I got a manual tranny and needed to know if there is anyway I can just use the auto y8 intake mani with my y7 t.v. and the y8 rotor and then what else do I have to do
Sorry guys I wasn't on here for awhile I'm still tring to figure out how to use it it's different on my phone

Any help i got the engine ready to come out I'm gonna do the flywheel and clutch then put the manual tranny on I just need to know about the intake mani before I drop it in it'll just be easier while it's out.and I know I need to wire up vTec and pressure switch and iact but not sure about the knock sensor

Did a B16a2 swap on my EK LX as well, its been a while but I think I remember some of this from my D16 modding days:

The 96-00 EX MANUAL tranny cars came with...a similar shaped intake manifold as the auto models, but there is an IACV on the back. The auto version has the holes plugged and uses the same IACV in the throttle body as your y7. This is why the auto-y8 intake manifold was used as an upgrade for the y7 for so long.

if youre using an automatic ECU and plan on doing the jumper wire (to tell the car its in neutrall all the time) then you can use the manifold/tb that came with your donor engine.

one thing tho. your intake manifold, does it have "air injection"? Some of the 99-00 EX models had this and theres an extra vacuum port up top. If so and your using the same head/manifold/ECU from that donor car, then make sure its running as the car expects.

as for adding wires. If you are using your original LX harness, you will need to add in some wires, yes. The VTEC control wire, VTEC pressure sensor, the knock sensor if that engine has one. As for the IACV, if youre gonna use that donor engine as it is, it uses the 3 wire IACV in the throttle body so you shouldnt have to worry about that.

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